Her Test

Computational Art

Video produced for the project "The Good Virus" by 1quarto.cc.

In the same way that our body is constantly responding to attacks by different bacteria, viruses, and microbes, the Earth also reacts to man's interference. For Ailton Krenak, “Covid is certainly a response by the living organism on Earth to the discomfort that is our presence here. Humans are disruptive to the Earth's organism.” (source)

Will we remain on the path of self-destruction or will we change the way we live with each other and, mainly, how we relate to our planet? Earth seems to test humanity.

The Teste d’Ela is an exaltation of the immeasurable beauty that surrounds us, thus reinforcing the urgency of a position.



Photo Credits (via Unsplash)

The New York Public Library

Laura Vinck

Jack B

Andrei Lazarev

Cinthia Aguilar

Alexandre Perotto

Gabriel Vissoto


Wil Stewart

Renan Araujo

Andreas Gucklhorn

Daniil Silantev

Qingbao Meng

Georgia de Lotz

Erol Ahmed

Lukasz Szmigiel

Carles Rabada

Annie Spratt

Aaron Burden

Ellie Storms

Biel Morro

Dan Dennis

Gaetano Cessati

Annie Spratt


Dominik Scythe

Hanne Hoogendam

Engin Akyurt

Luke Barnard

Dustin Humes

David Clode

Diego Catto

Mahfuzur Rahman

Diego Ph

Ales Krivec

Adrien Aletti

Special Thanks

Francieli Hagemeister

Juli Finkler