Research group on the themes of social performativity, dance, and technology.

Protocolo was formed in early 2020, pre-COVID-19 in Brazil, with the plan of meeting weekly at the Cultural Center of UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), in Belo Horizonte. Initially, Protocolo discussed the social performativity of bodies, their alterities and singularities in the face of protocols and patterns of behavior and appearance: what tools does the body rely on to perform what I understand as my identity? What are the places that enable identity, body and performance deconstruction and decolonization dynamics?

The outbreak of the global pandemic marks the transfer of regular meetings from a physical space to the virtual environment. The sharing process knowledge and experimentation found themselves transformed as they were held through online conferences.

The group's starting point is then reformulated for the context of social isolation: to what extent does time and space influence personal appearance and identity? How is it possible to register and share the transformations and reframings that condition the body in this context? How can individual space be pierced by other bodies/experiences in isolation? Can the proposed exchanges contribute to a dynamic of decolonization of the meanings imposed on the quarantined body?

My role on the project is creating visuals for each product and performances.




Carol Vilela

Luciana Lapér


Sandro Miccoli




Touch Designer