Violência Sexual, NÃO!


Workshop of Body Projection for the project "Violência Sexual, NÃO!" ("Sexual Violence, NO!"), organized by Oficina de Imagens.

Guided by Aisha Brunno (@aishabrunno), on a workshop entitled "The Body That Provokes", the group of teens went through a process of reflection of the relationships of their bodies with society. This resulted in the writing of several protest-letters that were then edited and projected on their own bodies.

This project was organized by the NGO Oficina de Imagens, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

My role on this project was giving a workshop for the teens to understand how they could expand their voices using a projector and their own bodies and words.



"Body Projection" Workshop

Sandro Miccoli

Organized by

Oficina de Imagens

"The Body That Provokes" Workshop

Aisha Brunno