WALK WITH ME - Art-a-Hack


Online performance using biometrics as input for live visuals.

Art-a-Hack made an open call inviting artists and creative technologists to create an online interactive performance using biometrics data:

”Art-A-Hack is partnering with Battery Dance Festival, Emotibit, eˉlektron and U.S. State Department Alumni TIES / World Learning during this time of COVID-19 by using lockdown and isolation as catalysts to imagine interactive live performance in new ways.

We will be working with two dancers from Battery Dance Company, Hussein Smko and Razvan Stoian who will be wearing Emotibits, special wearable sensors that transmit biometric data live time. The dancers will perform in two separate studio spaces while Art-A-Hackers create with them over a network in virtual spaces, or in ways yet to be imagined.”

In collaboration with an amazing team, in 6 weeks we created an online performance danced by Hussein Smko.

My role in this project was creating the background visuals and an abstract representation of the live biometrics data.




U.S. State Department



Battery Dance Festival


Special Thanks

Kaie Olmre (e-letrkon arts)

Sean Montgomery (EmotiBit)

Katie Larson (ThoughtWorks Arts)

Andy McWilliams (ThoughtWorks Arts)

Ellen Pearlman (Art-a-Hack)

Jonathan Hollander (Battery Dance)

Taavet Jensen (e-letrkon arts)

Andrus Aaslaid (e-letrkon arts)

Team - Concept

Nina Mirhabibi

Team - Concept, Choreography & Performance

Hussein Smko

Team - Data Analysis

Kat Sullivan

Team - Music

Mingna Li

Team - Producing Support

JiaXuan Hon

Team - Special Thanks

Dan Oved

Team - Visuals

Sandro Miccoli

(Bryan) Tyler Parker

Neve Parker


Touch Designer