Sandro Miccoli - Foto por Carol Abras

Sandro Miccoli is a Brazilian creative technologist and generative artist.

His research focuses on the areas of generative art, real-time visuals, interactive installations, and immersive experiences.

Under the pseudonym code2pixels, he creates abstract, generative, and interactive digital art.

Founder of Abstracto, a creative studio that focuses on creating interactive installations and immersive experiences for brands, events and museums.

Creative technologist at ZW Design, developing interactive and real-time systems for holographic displays and immersive rooms.

His visual work aims to stimulate reflection on human relationships in various dimensions, establishing a dialogue between the audience and computational systems through the use of real-time technologies. Through code writing, he seeks to represent and promote more present and conscious human relationships, challenging the prevalence of algorithms in our society. His poetic research aims to take control of the code to create abstract representations of human life, whether reflecting on the self or the multiple relationships we experience throughout life.

In his recent digital works, released as code2pixels, he sought to represent the paths and intersections of life in an abstract way through generative algorithms. “Uncertain Path” speaks of the uncertainties of life’s paths, despite directing our energies, we are not absolutely certain of the course life will take. “Crossing Paths” aims to provoke reflection on the richness of these human connections, capturing ephemeral moments that linger. Each stroke represents a unique path, and each path intersects, or not, with another, inviting observers to contemplate the beauty and time of these encounters and disconnections.

He has participated in various national and international festivals, showcasing digital works, installations, performances, and workshops. Recently, in Belo Horizonte, he participated in the Festa da Luz (2023) with the installation “Fluxo” in the Metro tunnel of Praça da Estação alongside artist Flávio Deslandes; in Arte no Escadão as a curator (2022) and artist (2021), and in TAU - Território Arte Urbana (2022) where he painted his first mural of generative art.

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